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New High-Reliability SMT Pins

Unique design makes use of capillary action and provides reliable solder joints

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation introduces Surf-Shooter SMTSurf-Shooter SMT ™ Continuous Strip Feeder pins especially designed for high-reliability PCB interconnection applications. The pins have a unique design which employs capillary action of reflowing solder to improve solder joint strength and increase interconnection reliability. Pull-force tests reveal that a pin employing capillary action exhibits much higher retention to the printed circuit board than a pin without the capillary action feature. The capillary action contributes to a thinner solder layer which creates a higher retention force of the solder layer between the pin base and the solder pad. A thinner solder layer resists shear more effectively than a thicker layer. In addition, the pin's capillary action provides a way for gasses to escape, so the Zierick solder joints have fewer and smaller voids. The absence of such voids reduces solder joint cracks during thermal cycling. Furthermore, the use of capillary action draws the pin into its final position on the solder pad, eliminating pin floating and the need for fixturing.

Zierick's SMT parts are available in a variety of sizes from 0.025" (0.64mm) square pins to 0.080" (2.03mm) round posts, in multiple lengths. Specify tin/lead or gold finish. These SMT loose-piece pins may be presented by Zierick's high-speed Surf-Shooter SMT ™ Continuous Strip Feeder pin feeder system. It achieves feed rates of 2 pins per second and is readily mounted in the feeder bay of most flexible cell placement systems.

To learn more, please use our email form, call us at 800-882-8020 (in New York, 914-666-2911) or write Zierick Manufacturing Corporation, Radio Circle, Mt. Kisco, New York 10549, fax 914-666-0216.
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