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Part Number Cross Reference
Connectors Table showing materials, current ratings, plating, packaging for all part numbers
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Hardware Catalog 37 Part Number Cross Reference
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Reference Charts & Resources
Specifications and Tolerances Information about our Products
UL Recognized Components Complete listing of UL recommended Quick Disconnect terminals
Equivalency Table Metric/Fraction/Decimal Conversion Table
Drill Sizes Reference Chart of the Most Common Drill Sizes
Screw Sizes Machine Screw & Stud Hole Reference Table
Wire Sizes Wire Sizes & CMA Computation Table
Metric-to-AWG Metric-to-AWG Conversion Table
Parts Suffixes Parts Suffix Definitions
Material Properties Material Properties of Selected Base Materials
Connectors Finishes Table Detailed Finish & Plating Specifications
Hardware Finishes Table Detailed Finish & Plating Specifications
Zierick Manufacturing Corporation
This movie illustrates Zierick’s capability to design and create complex tooling in-house. Combined with our terminal development capabilities, Zierick offers a unique advantage in the electronic packaging industry.

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Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminals
This movie shows Zierick's new family of SMT connectors. They are highly reliable and provide an economical way to connect a wire to a Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board. These innovations consist of a surface mounted insulation piercing crimp terminal and a special tool which crimps the wire into the terminal and locks it in position.

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Surface Mount Headers
This time lapse movie demonstrates the Zierick Header's forgiving tolerances and its ability to center itself on surface mount solder pads.

We began by placing a double row header and a single row header off the center of its corresponding pads. As the board is heated, the solder begins to melt. First the single row header will begin to move into place. As the capillary action draws the solder, it pulls the header assembly tightly to the PCB. Then the larger double row header will move into place. Notice how the solder wicks up the cavities as the board heats.

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Fully Automatic Insertion Machine 9700 XY
See how the fully automatic Insertion Machine 9700 XY runs!

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