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THT 9700XY

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Model 9700 XY Terminal Insertion System
Zierick's Model 9700 XY Terminal Insertion System is fully automatic, with a machine cycle rate of over 5,000 pph.
Designed for maximum reliability, the Zierick Model 9700 XY Positioning System terminal insertion system is an ideal work cell for production lines, and provides solutions for the fluctuating demands of contract manufacturers. Its modular tooling reduces downtime between terminal changeovers to keep things moving on your shop floor.

The system’s interchangeable applicator tooling offers several features that improve overall performance. And its high-grade tool steel construction protects the unity, reduces chipping and breakage, and ensures accurate performance use after use.

The 9700 XY incorporates a modified 9700 terminal insertion machine with a dual axis positioning system to achieve high speed, repeatable insertions through a set of programmed coordinates. User interface is through a series of menus presented to the operator via touchscreen controls.

Programming can be done manually though a simple jog and teach process, or specific data points can be downloaded directly to the PLC with an optional data connection kit. The unit is capable of storing 99 programs with 150 position points each, all of which can be modified, deleted, or added to at any time during operation.

The 9700 XY has the capability to automatically check the validity of any series of taught insertion points.

The system is a self-contained positioning and insertion unit, which is designed to fit on a standard bench top and require minimal user intervention. Once programmed and aligned for a specific board pattern, the system will provide fast, repeatable insertions without the need for adjustment or calibration.

Basic Features Fully Automatic
12" x 12" PC board capacity
High speed servo driver platform
Machine cycle rate capable of over 5,000 pph
Easy operator programmability
Standard Model 9700 tooling compatability
Dedicated or adjustable board fixturing options
Ergonomic safety cover package
Compact table top design
Optional CE compliance
Air Requirements 90-120 PSI (6.2-8.3 bar)
8 CFM (3.8 L/S)
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2 AMPS
Optional 100/240V, 50-60 Hz, 1 AMP
Dimensions Length 48" (1219mm)
Depth 45" (1143mm)
Height 38" (965mm)
Weight 275 lbs. (125Kgs)
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