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Underwriters Lab LogosPart Number 6284

product image
Features and Benefits
  • This Tab/Quick Disconnect was designed for SMT or THT applications
  • Ideal for demanding applications
  • Applicable for SMT reflow process or THT wave soldering
  • High retention forces
  • Tabs don’t float during reflow
  • Shoulder on the part provides a stand-off for the mating part from the PCB
  • Retains typical through-hole Quick Disconnect Tab features
  • Designed for automation using the customer’s existing pick and place equipment and a special feeder - no time consuming hand placement or costly fixturing required
  • Can be automated using standard tape feeders


CAD download for 6284
2D drawing (online view)
Application Drawing (print quality pdf) for 6284
Part Number 6284
10,800 parts available
but may not be available at time of order.
Additional Resources
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Features and Benefits
Technology Overview
View a similar tab with a .187 width: Part Number 6291.
View the Datasheet for Parts 6284 and 6291.
Perfect Mates for 6284
Loose N/A
Reeled 6284
Hole Dimension 0.070" (1.78mm) hole
Material Thickness / Type 0.032" (0.81mm) C26000 Brass
Standard Finish 100% Matte Tin over Copper (0)
Current Rating 25 Amperes
Feeder System Surf-Shooter SMT ™ Continuous Strip Feeder
Model 9700
Model 9700 XY
UL File Number E146208 Underwriters Lab logos
Zierick recommends .006" (0.15mm) stencil thickness for most applications. For other stencil thicknesses, call Zierick's product development department.
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