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Technology Overview

Discrete lead wires are easily attached to Zierick screw terminals. This effective design makes costly terminal strips and barrier blocks unnecessary.
Zierick’s screw terminals, designed to permit the attachment of discrete lead wires to printed circuit boards, are an economic alternative to costly PCB mountable terminal strips and barrier blocks. These efficient terminals provide a solid gas-tight connection with exceptional pull-out resistance.

Available in seven basic configurations, Zierick screw terminals are highly versatile and are acceptable for most common wire gauges. Discrete lead wires are attached to the printed circuit board easily and effectively, delivering improved vibration resistance and reduced long-term stress relaxation.

Zierick screw terminals are available with or without screws; staked or unstaked; turned-in or backed-out. Customers may order Zierick screw terminals in a variety of thread and screw sizes. The screw terminals are plated with tin outerplate and copper underplate for improved solderability.

They are assembled with solder resistant 100% stainless steel screws or custom screws if required. They are packaged and bar coded with the date of manufacture and lot serial number for easy inventory control and traceability. All Zierick screw terminals are shipped in heat-sealed bags with a desiccant for a longer shelf life.
  • Zierick screw terminals allow reliable attachment of discrete lead wires to printed circuit boards.
  • Zierick screw terminals are an alternative to expensive PCB mountable terminal strips and barrier blocks.
  • Zierick screw terminals provide a solid gas-tight connection with improved vibration resistance and minimal long-term stress relaxation.
Zierick’s new Combination Head Screw allows the use of either slot or Phillips head screwdrivers. It is a 1/4" x 6-32 stainless steel pan head combination screw which is inserted and can be staked and backed out.

This screw is currently available on our Part Number 934 ST.SC, but can be made available on other screw terminals.

Consult the factory to obtain information on availability of the Combination Head Screw on other binding posts.
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