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Technology Overview

   Round Pins
Surf-Shooter SMT ™ Continuous Strip Feeder pins and posts are specially designed for high-reliability PCB interconnection applications. They are available in 0.025" square (0.64mm), 0.040" (1.02mm), 0.043" (1.09mm), 0.060" (1.52mm), and 0.080" (2.03mm) diameters.

To increase interconnection reliability, they utilize the capillary action of reflowing solder to improve solder joint strength. Pull-force tests reveal that a post with proper capillary action has much higher retention to the printed circuit board than a post without the capillary action feature.

The higher retention force is attributable to two conditions:
  1. The first is the very thin layer of solder between the base of the pin and the solder pad. Solder is a weak alloy with a low yield stress. A thicker layer of solder will fail before a thinner layer will. Solder behavior is analogous to that of adhesive: undeniably a thinner layer of adhesive bonds more strongly than a thicker layer.

  2. As the solder paste reflows, flux and other active ingredients in the solder cause outgassing. These gasses get trapped under a relatively large surface like the base of the pin. The trapped gasses create voids in the solder that are clearly visible when the pin is pulled off or the solder joint is cross-sectioned. Pins that employ capillary action have fewer and smaller voids because the capillary tube provides a way for gasses to escape. Cracks in solder joints develop from such voids during thermal cycling. Field evaluations show that posts with enhanced capillary action are more resistant to the effects of thermal cycling.
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