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MP 1000

The MP 1000, along with the appropriate interchangeable Crimp Die Set, is designed for medium to high volume applications. It delivers cost-effective, pneumatic wire terminations of the Zierick family of Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminals, PNs 1286, 1293, 1295, 1300-T, 1307, IPC-2-1 and IPC-4-xx.

This powerful bench-top machine provides an output range that is dependent on application and operator.

For a quick outline of how this easy-to-operate unit works, see the Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal Technology Overview.

Basic Features:

Base Width 6
Base Depth 11
Height (max. opening, anvil to crimp die) 1/2
Depth of throat, max. 3
Weight 30 to 35 lb.
Air Required 20 to 95 psi
   MP 1000
LCD Video Screen & Camera System
LCD Video Screen & Camera System for monitoring the application, set-up, and for quality control.
Part Numbers for available single position Crimp Dies used on the MP 1000 for termination of Zierick Crimp Terminals:
  • MP1-CRIMP-1286 for PN 1286
  • MP1-CRIMP-1293 for PN 1293
  • MP1-CRIMP-1295 for PN 1295
  • MP1-CRIMP-1300 for PN 1300-T
  • MP1-CRIMP-1307 for PN 1307
  • MP1-IPC-2-1 for PN IPC-2-1-T
  • MP1-PIP for PN IPC-4-xx
  • Recommended Center-Center Spacing
This small LCD Video Screen & Camera System (sold separately) can be attached to the MP 1000 in order to insure proper positioning of the PCB, to monitor the application, and for quality control.
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